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New Trailer, Same Company!

A few weeks ago, our prover trailer we acquired in May of 2016 started having problems with equipment staying bolted down to the trailer. We felt the best way to fix this issue involved some very hard work, many labor hours, and critical thinking. Tommy and the guys got to work basically rebuilding this trailer from top to bottom, and were able to finish the renovations in 3 days. The trailer pictured above is what customers will now see pulling into their airports when we come to calibrate meters. 

We have finished a few steps in the process of getting certified in the states of Texas and Florida, but we still lack a few things to complete that certification. When we gain these two states, we will be adding many more customers and calibrating all over the southeast! 

The past month has been extremely busy with calibrations, and we were able to gain a few new customers by this service. We were able to calibrate meters at 10 different sites in the past month and will be calibrating many this upcoming month as well. We look forward to any and all airports we service through meter calibrations!