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5 Questions to Ask Before Construction of a New Aviation Fuel Farm

Over the last decade, we’ve constructed hundreds of fuel farms at general aviation airports across the United States. Some airports need to replace aging fuel farms that no longer meet changing environmental regulatory requirements, while others have outgrown their current infrastructure and need larger fuel farms to meet growing demand.

Every fuel farm project begins with questions. Lucky for you, we have answers. The discussion below deals with general terms of building a new aviation fuel farm. For questions dealing with the specifics of your project, we have professionals on hand to take your calls. No impersonal answering service asking you to press one for customer service here. 

When should our airport build a new fuel farm?

Over time environmental regulatory requirements have changed meaning your equipment built and installed twenty, thirty, or fifty years ago won’t meet today’s codes. A new fuel farm allows your airport to better protect the environment, your customers, and your property. New above-ground fuel tanks allow for easy visual inspections. Another reason to consider building a new fuel farm is to provide additional capacity for increased usage or to add self-serve fuel options. Self-serve fuel increases revenue for your airport without an increase in payroll. 

How large of a fuel farm should I build?

Aviation fuel farms provide easy access to fuel without having to wait on daily shipments. You’ll want enough storage to serve your normal traffic plus some wiggle room for increased future traffic. More is not always better though. When you build too many tanks that aren’t emptied quickly, you run an increased risk of fuel contamination. 

How much disruption will the construction of our new fuel farm cause for our pilots?

The answer you want is construction won’t disrupt the day-to-day operations of your airport. Our goal for every project is as little disruption to your employees and customers as possible. Each job includes specific details and needs that affect where and when we can do our work. Be sure to ask this question of any contraction before you get started and expect realistic answers.

Does your company specialize in fuel farms for airports like ours?

Rebel Services specializes in fuel farms for small and medium-sized general aviation airports. Your airport has specific needs that differ from larger commercial airports. One of the perks of working with a company that understands airports like yours is you get access to their years of knowledge that applies to your specific situation.

What services does your company provide?

We’ll work with you to design, engineer, and install a fuel farm to meet the growing needs of your airport. But we don’t stop there. Our technicians can troubleshoot problems with existing tanks and provide the parts needed for repairs on tanks, fuel carts, and fuel trucks. We also clean and repaint the inside and outside of your tanks. Plus we’ll conduct and document those visual inspections of above-ground tanks we mentioned in an earlier question. We’re available for maintenance of current equipment even if you’re not quite ready to build a new fuel farm right now. In fact, regular maintenance will keep your current equipment in service longer.

Have other questions about building or maintaining your fuel farm? Give our service team a call.