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Aviation Career Highlight: Flight Attendant

Ranked by US News as the fourth highest-paying career without a degree, flight attendants are an integral part of every flight. Flight attendants are the members of the flight crew that interact the most with passengers. Safety and service are their top priorities as they are responsible for ensuring the safety and comfort of passengers.


Before each flight, flight attendants are responsible for inspecting and ensuring that all safety equipment, such as oxygen masks and seat belts, are in working order. Attendants also inform passengers about safety procedures such as how to evacuate the aircraft and how to use the oxygen mask. 


During the flight, attendants take care of their passengers’ needs. These duties include serving meals, snacks, and drinks and also facilitating in-flight purchases if the service is offered by the airline. Flight attendants are also responsible for keeping the peace on the aircraft which means sometimes dealing with unruly passengers, and they also provide reassurance during turbulence. 


Flight attendants are ranked fourth in the highest paying jobs without a college degree in the US for good reason. The median salary for flight attendants is more than $56,000 with some attendants making up to $67,000 per year. 


Becoming a Flight Attendant

Flight attendants must have a high school diploma or GED and experience working in a restaurant, hotel, or retail environment is a plus, though not required. Once hired, flight attendants must go through a training program with the airline. After training is completed, flight attendants become certified by the Federal Aviation Administration.


Aspiring flight attendants may be required to undergo a physical examination due to the physical demands of the position. They must be able to kneel and reach and lift heavy objects overhead. Flight attendants must also be able to travel freely between states and other countries. 


Being a flight attendant is not a dead-end career. As attendants progress in their careers, they become eligible for supervisory, recruitment, and training positions. 


Though pre-training is not required, it helps to get a position as a flight attendant. Aspiring flight attendants in Mississippi can attend a training facility located in Jackson at the Airline Academy. You can learn more about this training program here.