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Celebrating International Civil Aviation Day

What is International Civil Aviation Day?


It’s December 7th, and that means that it’s International Civil Aviation Day! Civil Aviation Day was created by the International Civil Aviation Organization, the ICAO, to celebrate the influence that civil aviation has had on the world. Both business and tourism has been positively influenced by the civil aviation industry, causing the business and tourism industry to expand and grow, as well as enabling cultural connections. Civil aviation has positively impacted the world, and International Civil Aviation Day celebrates that fact. 


International Civil Aviation Day is, also, used to show the importance of how the ICAO reinforces the social and economic development of countries and the role the International Civil Aviation Organization plays in uniting these countries to be part of such an important global transit network.


The History of International Civil Aviation Day


Since the International Civil Aviation Organization was formed in 1944, they have been trying to get a day to recognize the advancements in civil aviation and how it’s changed the world since 1901 when the Wright Brothers first took flight. 


The ICAO was developed to make sure that the sustainable growth of the global civil aviation system was achieved, and they develop policies and standards for civil aviation. So, keeping up with their mission, International Civil Aviation Day was created and pushed for, then finally, in 1994, International Civil Aviation Day was born, the hard work of the ICAO finally accomplished and recognized. 


The ICAO was celebrating 50 years of being in service in 1994, and they had an International Civil Aviation Day as part of that celebration. Merely 2 years later, in 1996, the ICAO with the help of the Canadian government brought forth an initiative, and then, the United Nations General Assembly officially recognized December 7 as International Civil Aviation Day. 


Why International Civil Aviation Day is Important

Since civil aviation encompasses non-military and non-state aviation, both private and commercial, we don’t always realize just how important it is to our own lives. From traveling for business purposes or having fun on a trip—either international or domestic—or even ordering packages and having them delivered to our homes, civil aviation touches all of our lives in some way. And since it does impact us all, it’s important to note how valuable civil aviation is to us. That’s why International Civil Aviation Day was created. 


Also, International Civil Aviation Day serves as a reminder of how far civil aviation has come. From the first flight in 1901 from the Wright Brothers to the first transatlantic flight of Alcock and Brown to Earhart’s Atlantic flight and every other significant achievement in civil aviation, it has come so far. International Civil Aviation Day celebrates that fact, as well as the fact that even now, advancements are still being made in civil aviation. 


As the United Nations and other world nations have adopted Agenda 2030, an agenda that promotes global sustainability, aviation has never been more fundamental! Civil aviation connects us globally, ensuring that peace and prosperity is possible through international flight. 


International Civil Aviation Day Theme

Every 5 years, the ICAO sets a new theme for International Civil Aviation Day. The latest theme we’re celebrating is “75 Years of Connecting the World” in accordance with the International Civil Aviation Organization’s 75 years of service, and so, through 2023, the theme is “Advancing Innovation for Global Aviation Development”.  Proving that once again, this is exactly how we stay connected: by advancements in civil aviation.


How to Celebrate Civil Aviation Day

We can celebrate this international holiday by studying the rich history of aviation by visiting aviation museums. Maybe you can book a flight and take a trip. Or, you can even order a package and open it, realizing that it was most likely flown to get it where it needed to be before it was delivered to you. Or, you can stay home to research the history of aviation!


However you decide to celebrate this day, we hope you remember that civil aviation can connect us in so many different ways, allowing us to live our best lives. The ICAO understands that, which is why they pushed for an entire day that is internationally known to celebrate and understand the relevance and enrichment of this in our everyday lives. And you can always be a part of this life-changing industry by choosing a career in civil aviation for yourself.