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Employee Spotlight: Monica Green

Behind every great company stands an amazing office manager – for Rebel Services, it’s our very own Monica Green a.k.a. “Bulldog”.  Monica not only ensures the day-to-day business runs smoothly but she successfully keeps us all in line. She organizes everything from the kitchen to our service trucks.  Monica earned the nickname “Bulldog” because she literally bites down on a task and does not let go until it is complete. We could all learn from her and her work ethic. 

She will wrestle all of us until we provided everything she needs to complete or close a task.  Monica does the same in her responsibilities of accounts payable and accounts receivables. The bills better match her Purchase Order or she will come get ya! Your check better match the invoice – or she will be on your heels.  Technicians know to turn in all receipts and paperwork for meter calibrations and sales work orders or Bulldog will be after them. 

Monica’s documentation skills are immaculate and completely out of this world. If you call and ask her a question – you better believe it is in her notebook and it will not go undone and will be checked off of her “to do” list once complete. She is meticulously organized, to say the least – and it is no wonder she takes control of the situation and defuses it without batting an eye – she has thirty-one-and-a-half years with the South Tippah Schools.

Monica is the one who sees to it that our bills get paid on time and that you receive your invoices. If you ever have a question about your account, you’ll speak with her.

In addition to managing the accounts payable and receivable, she also orders all our supplies. That includes the parts to fix your tanks as well as the coffee the guys around here seem to drink by the gallon. In short, she holds us all together.  Monica oversees our annual Christmas dinner and ensures all technicians' certifications are renewed. She can go from one subject to the next and never miss a beat. She is truly an asset to Rebel Services.

Monica’s years with the South Tippah Schools prepared her well for her work with us. After retiring from the school system, she wasn’t ready to stay home and garden just yet. We’re lucky she was willing to spend her second act career with us.

She and her husband Jeff Green married thirty-seven years ago and are definitely still having fun “Cruisin the Coast” or riding on the side-by-side. They have three daughters, Carol, Courtney, and Carley, and five grandchildren, Mady, Millie, Zade, Mace, Maeve. If that’s not enough to keep her busy, they also have three dogs and two horses and of course a garden each year.

When Monica isn’t at work, she enjoys antiquing and junking, and don’t be fooled – she may be small in stature but she will back the biggest of the big down to their lowest price. She’s also always up for a road trip or hanging out by the firepit. And although her children are grown, she’s still very much involved with the youth from her church where she provides Teen Meals.