May Aviation News Update

As we all know, something new is always happening in the aviation industry, and we want to do our best to keep all of you as updated as possible. Here are the latest updates in the aviation industry. 


FAA Should Be the Only Safety Regulator According to Leading Aviation Industry Players

The AOPA alongside other aviation industry players has sent a letter to Congress, urging them to arrange the law that makes the FAA the sole regulator of all things that concern operations, air traffic management, and safety in aviation. With the growth of the aviation industry comes multiple states and local laws that limit aviation operations, air traffic, and safety which should fall under the domain of the FAA. The letter calls out the confusion different laws can create, which will make things dangerous for pilots and those in the aviation industry. To read about the letter, head over to the AOPA website for more information.

Representatives Re-introduce Bipartisan Legislation to Create a Center for Aviation and Aerospace Industries

Representatives André Carson and Pete Stauber introduced a bill to the House that would bring the aviation and aerospace industries together. This bill, according to the AOPA, “calls for the establishment of a not-for-profit national aviation center to address vital workforce issues and facilitate cooperation, collaboration, and coordination across all sectors of aviation: civil, commercial, and military.” They would call this the NCAA. A board of industry representatives along with the Departments of Transportation, Defense, Education, and Veterans Affairs, and NASA would oversee the non-profit center. And, nearly 200 organizations across all aviation and aerospace sectors are in support of the center. Read more about it here.

Free Cross-Country Website Launches

A veteran pilot of 40 years, Greg Lutz, launched AVXCWX, Aviation Cross Country Weather. It’s a free website that was created specifically for cross-country flight planning around the weather. On the website, pilots are able to enter multiple airports along the flight path. It shows a three-hour forecast along the route for a three-day window, allowing pilots the chance to see what is the best time to make their flight. AVXCWX is free and available on desktop or mobile devices. Read about it here.

New Sustainable Control Towers Could Be Headed Your Way

The FAA has selected a design that is sustainable for the new air traffic control towers. These towers will be used mostly at municipal and smaller airports. This new design meets key sustainability requirements and can be adjusted in height to meet each airport’s traffic and sightline requirements. But, it will reduce construction and operational costs. These new towers could be built and running by 2024. Find out more about the new design here

Mar’s Helicopter Completes 50th Flight

Nasa’s Ingenuity Mars Helicopter has seen its 50th flight on the planet. It was initially only meant to make 5 flights since it has been on Mars, landing in 2021. The helicopter was meant to prove that powered, controlled flight was possible on another planet, and it has proved it was. However, there are some wear and tear issues on the helicopter. Read more about the helicopter’s flight details on Mars here.

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