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Meet Our Team: Jessica Jordan

Rebel Services is so fortunate to have an amazing, detail-oriented, and organized person who swoops in and aligns everyone just like a great Chiropractor!  Every company needs that one person who keeps their credit and debit columns balanced whether they realize it or not. For Rebel Services, Jessica Jordan is that person. Jessica is a CPA from Ripley, Mississippi. She worked with Eaton, Babb & Smith, an accounting firm in New Albany before joining our team.  Jessica’s specialty is multi-tasking!  She can set up tax codes, match up freight, add a single-point nozzle to your invoice, answer the phone and calm a little one all at the same time.  She handles most of the invoicing, payroll, taxes, and financial statement preparation for us.  She is a team player who does not hesitate to jump in and help in any way possible.  

One of the aspects of life at Rebel Services that Jessica enjoys the most is our family-like atmosphere. She works from home part of the time which has allowed her to homeschool her children.  Rebel Services' Monday morning devotionals and ladies' Bible study groups keep her connected to her co-workers.  The office staff often walk together after lunch and share life’s funny moments and struggles with each other – some call it therapy.  While most wear tennis shoes to walk, Jessica has been known to tough it out and walk in wedges!!!  

Jessica’s family keeps her busy. She and her husband Kyle have three children, Eli, Reece, and Lizzie Jo. Her sons play baseball which includes travel for tournaments and practices. One of her sons' teams will travel to the Little League World Series later this summer.  Lizzie Jo, the youngest at two years old keeps Momma fit cause she’s always running to a new adventure, literally!  Lizzie Jo is the Team Rebel stress reliever when she comes to work.  She’s in charge and gives us all a little break to enjoy cool stuff.  She even has a Team Rebel “Baby Shark” song and dance!  Lizzie Jo is the only one at the office that can get a grown man to speak in “Trucker’s tough voice” to baby talk in 2.2 seconds!  

Off the ballfield and the track, Jessica enjoys growing a vegetable garden in the summer and getting to eat the produce God blesses them with.  She is a great cook and will share fresh vegetables in the summer and amazing soups in the winter!  Occasionally, Jessica and Kyle break away from the busyness of life to go fishing!

We’re thankful for Jessica’s skills and hard work. She’s a big part of keeping our operation running smoothly.  She literally is an answered prayer from the Good Lord.  She’s a great example of hard work paying off and how to balance a career and family.