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Meet Our Team: Sarah James

“This is Sarah” is something most every customer of Rebel Services, LLC has heard at one time or another when calling. Sarah James, our purchasing/inventory clerk, fills a big role in our office.  She’s the linchpin in our operation who ensures all the parts you need and parts our service techs require are in stock and ready to go. Sarah is a people person and loves to talk!  She has a way to make everyone laugh and feel comfortable no matter the situation.  

Learning something new is the best part of her job, she says. No two days are just alike, which suits her just fine. She enjoys staying busy and meeting the challenges of each new day but that wasn’t always the case.  Learning to work in a large room with multiple people talking on the phone at the same time was intimating, but Sarah was able to adapt.  There have been days when Sarah has walked through the door and had to fill the role of receptionist, purchasing clerk, shipping clerk, sales assistant, and runner.  She literally will take a bull by its horns, cut a joke making you laugh so hard you actually enjoy the non-enjoyable with her, and make you want to work with her every day. Just ask Royce – he misses her when she’s not at work. 

Some of the challenges at work were not what she expected. When asked to talk about the funniest thing she’s experienced at Rebel Services she goes back to when she first started. She was tasked with having a refueler truck delivered to an airport. Being new, she was still learning and wasn’t exactly sure about what she was doing. We’ve all been there, right? One of our more experienced employees, Royce, was out so Sarah stepped in to make sure the project was completed. She scheduled a company to haul the refueler and was feeling pretty confident until she got a call asking why a refueler had been delivered to the town’s police station. Sarah discovered the importance of checking the “ship to” address with the customer against our system as the system may only have the billing information address.  Now, if you ask the techs their funniest story about Sarah – it might involve a bubble! 

Customer service comes naturally to Sarah as she has multiple years in the food industry.  She worked for her grandmother at her grandmother’s restaurant for many years.  She also gained inventory experience working in a furniture factory and finance experience working for a finance company. When Sarah joined our team she was a single mom working multiple jobs and had not quite found her place in this world. She was able to work her way from answering phones to Purchasing/Inventory clerk and is in training for Sales.  She now works for Rebel Services exclusively, and we could not do without her. Sarah literally makes the day brighter!

When she’s not ensuring everything goes well at Rebel, she’s hanging out with her sons Branson and Ky, her parents, soon-to-be husband John-Austin Moore, and their dog, Duke.  Sarah enjoys Snapchat, TikTok with her boys, firepits, lake life, and watching home renovation shows with JA.  Sarah is a great cook and enjoys redecorating her home on a dime every three months! She’s also very active in her church and enjoys painting in her free time. Sarah is a jokester and enjoys getting one over on folks!  Most recently she’s been doing a bit of wedding planning although the exact date has been pushed back a bit (thanks COVID). 

Next time you call to order parts or ask for a quote on services and speak to Sarah you can put a face and a story to the voice.