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October Aviation News Brief

One day after the FAA issued a draft policy authorizing the use of unleaded aviation fuel for piston-engine planes and helicopters, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announced a “proposed determination” that the lead emissions from these aircraft could lead to air pollution that may endanger public health. Read more on this developing story here. 


The Aviation Mechanic textbook was recently updated and published by Aviation Supplies and Academics. Learn more about the update


Following the devastating events of Pearl Harbor, the US was facing a pilot shortage that led the country’s leaders to run with the idea of training women to pilot military aircraft. Of the 25,000 applicants, only 1,830 were accepted and just 1,074 completed the program that became known as the Women Airforce Service Pilots. Decades later, this special group of women is getting the recognition they’ve always deserved. Learn more.


ATSM International has released a newly proposed standard for hybrid-electric aircraft. The standard is designed to support aircraft developers and companies that create hybrid-electric generation systems for use in electric aircraft. Click here for more details.


For the wrap-up, exciting news from Gulfstream, a private and business jet manufacturer, announced the production of the 500th G650 jet made at their Wisconsin facility. The G650 was awarded the Robert J. Collier trophy in 2014, just one year after the jet was first certified by the FAA. Check out more on the aircraft and this milestone achievement here.


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