Rebel Services Partner Highlight: OCV Control Valves

Rebel Services relies on quality products, and our partner, OCV Control Valves, provides high quality control valves for aviation fueling. Making sure that our products are of high quality means that we can provide you with the best service possible. 


OCV has been a trusted name in both commercial and military aviation for over sixty years now, and it has been in service for over seventy years. Their valves can be found worldwide from the U.S. and Canada to Russia to Europe and in some way to every other country. 


With small and humble beginnings, Tex Redford decided to expand his small machine business in Tulsa, OK to design and manufacture control valves, and it became the worldwide leader in the control valve business. Redford built his business on these three principles: integrity, honesty, and fairness. And OCV continues to run their business with that mindset. 


In 2020, OCV Control Valves merged with A.R.I. Optimal Flow Solutions and Dorot Control Valves, forming Aquestria. Once combined, these three businesses can now offer extensive product solutions, expertise, and innovative technologies. 


Not only do they offer automatic aviation fueling control valves, they offer control valves that service the waterworks, fire protection, terminal services, commercial plumbing, and mining industries worldwide. They even customize valves to certain specifications if needed. OCV aviation fueling valves help improve fueling systems and are the standard for aviation fueling. 


OCV control valves are hydraulically operated, and the diaphragm actuated globe or angle valves operate automatically from line pressure or an independent hydraulic source. All the valves can be serviced without removing them from the line, which makes repairs simpler and cost-effective. Which in turn helps out our customers. 


Staying up to date with registrations and certifications, OCV continues to search for new industry approvals, which means they are committed to improvement. 


We’re happy to be partners with OCV Control Valves, knowing that we have high-quality products to offer our customers fills us with confidence. Because we do it right and don’t quit until it is done right. And that starts with partnering with companies who share our values and offer products and services that allow us to “do it right.” And OCV is one of those companies.