Royce 1500

Employee Spotlight: Meet Royce Hurt

If you have a trivia question about classic rock, Royce Hurt, Rebel Services Logistics, probably has an answer. Royce grew up in the sixties and seventies surrounded by music from The Beatles, Hermans Hermits, and, of course, Elvis. Before he joined Rebel Services, he lived in Memphis and worked at WRVR The River 104 in promotions. His love of music came full circle in that position where he met and made friends with people in the music industry. 

Today, Royce spends his time receiving shipments and shipping out parts as well as scheduling freight items such as tanks, catwalks, Filter Vessels and refuelers. Our techs try to be as prepared as possible for every job, but sometimes they need a part they don’t have with them. That’s when they call Royce who helps them locate what they need.  

His knack for finding the right supplies at the right time came in handy a few years ago when a hurricane hit Florida. We needed to find fuel trucks and relocate them to Florida while ensuring FEMA, the state police and local sheriff’s departments had all the necessary paperwork. Royce spent days sorting out all those details and keeping our clients running in the midst of a natural disaster.

Keeping our techs supplied with the parts they need is satisfying for Royce, but it’s the people at Rebel Services that make the job enjoyable. The team likes to have as much fun together as possible, he says, and that’s saying a lot coming from someone who has rubbed shoulders with Glen Campbell, Neil Diamond, and Nick Jonas.

Royce has the best one-liners ever and can shock you and make you laugh all within 60 seconds.  Look out world – Royce Hurt could be taking over the Podcast world one day.  Royce can also cook!!!!  He has contributed to the whole Rebel Services Team gaining a little weight with his amazing recipes and dishes. To the point, they have a “Biggest Loser Contest” going on right now!

If you have an extra minute the next time you speak to Royce, make sure to ask him about the Beatles Fan Club he ran in the 90s. That’s how he met and became friends with actor Elijah Woods.