tank inspections

Tank Inspections

The integrity of your fuel storage tanks affects the overall quality of the fuel you serve your customers and the physical environment. As a fuel service provider, you have a responsibility to both your customers, the airport you serve, your neighbors, and the community. That’s a heavy burden to bear. Luckily, simple, consistent inspections of your fuel tanks can mitigate many of these risks. 

Check with your fuel provider for a checklist and training for required quality control actions. These actions sometimes vary slightly from each fuel provider.  During this volatile time, most fuel providers offer virtual training – check out their websites for the latest material and information.  Now is a great time to get caught up on all of your quality control needs and training.  Make sure you have incorporated proper documentation and filing procedures.  You never know when you will need this information – as my grandmother always said “keep everything company ready” meaning have it organized and readily available for whoever comes knocking on your door. 

Tank Inspections – Call Rebel Services, LLC:

  • Check fuel storage tank interiors for cleanliness and condition of coating

    • Every 12 months – inspect the tank floor

    • Fuel level should be at a minimum to allow for visual inspection of tank floor

    • Document sediment, evidence of microbial growth or coating failure

    • If build-up or microbial growth exceeds the allowable amount – cleaning will be recommended

  • Cleaning of the tank – Call Rebel Services, LLC **Requires Confined Space Certified:

    • High-Pressure Water

    • Dry surface with lint-free cloth or mop

    • Allow Tank to dry completely

    • Inspect internal epoxy coating for chipping, flaking, bubbling and etc.

    • Coating failure may require repair and/or recoating

    • Document findings and file

    • Place decal with Tank inspection and cleaning month and date marked on tank


Each state has some specific requirements for inspections, but it’s the tank owner’s responsibility to follow through on those inspections and to make any necessary repairs. Remember, early repairs to minor problems can prevent more expensive repairs and environmental hazards later.

For annual tank inspections or parts and service, Rebel Service is here to ensure you provide the cleanest fuel possible to your customers while protecting the airport and community you serve.