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Tanks and Filtration Upgrades for Berkeley, South Carolina

Home to production and distribution facilities such as Dupont, BP, Volvo Cars North America, and Google, Berkeley County in South Carolina has a lot to brag about. An upgraded aviation fuel tank and filtration system at their airport earns them additional bragging rights. 

The airport also features a new M4000 self-serve fuel terminal. QTPod built this terminal with the end-user in mind. The improved interface makes purchasing fuel easier while new wi-fi technology processes your credit cards faster with the same security you’ve come to expect. Even better, QTPod designed this terminal to withstand the harshest of environmental elements. 

Rebel Services began this upgrade project in August. You can follow this project through the multiple stages of dirt work, concrete, and finally setting the tanks with our pictures below and on our social media page or better yet – fly to Berkeley and tell Stacy Thomas Hello for us.


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